Industrie Electrical has an enviable reputation for excellence in every aspect of our operation – from workmanship and customer service to training of our team and their understanding of and adherence to relevant national and state regulations and legislation. Over the past 15 years Industrie Electrical has enjoyed a perfect 100% health, safety and environmental record. We conduct regular monthly training of our management and technicians to advise them of any changes to the legislation and to remind them about maintaining best-practice standards and techniques with every project. Before we commence a project we carry out a thorough National Electrical and Communications Association endorsed Safe Start Brief inspection which examines every aspect of the project and leaves nothing to chance.


NSW Electrical licence: 202679C

ACT electrical licence: 201052

ACRS Master Cablers licence: A014613

NECA membership: N011246

WHS (OHS) compliant: Yes


Workers Compensation: Yes

Public liability insurance: $20M