Office buildings, data centres, luxury car showrooms, conference centres, atriums and foyers are just some of the projects completed by Industrie Electrical throughout New South Wales and the ACT over the past 15 years. Our holistic end to end service (custom design / installation / maintenance / ongoing 24 hour emergency call-out), commitment to the highest quality finish and outstanding attention to detail are why we are sought after by so many existing locations and the architects and builders of new sites. We have the expertise and resources to work with major construction companies and builders on large commercial projects.

On these landmark sites we operate alongside a hand picked group of engineers and consultants including JHA Consulting Engineers, Mott McDonald Global Engineering Consultants, Shelmerdines Consulting Engineers and HTP Consulting. We have the utmost respect for our customers’ requirements and peace of mind which is why we offer tailored solutions, a ‘clean worker’ policy while operating on-site, pro-active scheduled maintenance and rapid response back-up.

Every project is treated with the same level of excellence and expertise from complete electrical circuits and switch board upgrades to phone and data points, from residual current devices and surge protection to security systems, from remote control garage doors and smoke alarms to emergency lighting,  from hot water systems and appliances to environmentally friendly LED lighting. With our vast knowledge of electrical technology and systems we are often called on to inspect new and existing installations including switchboards and fire indicator panels.